Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hopmonk in Sebastopol every Thursday

I vend my art a this event, "Juke Joint" (the Brooklyn group who played last night was the phat, funky, rump-shakingly wonderful & eclectic Pimps Of Joytime) and sold one of my fave pieces to a VERY cool guy, Eric, as a gift for his bro-in-law. Therefore, I am no longer po as fudge; I am only po as sin now. Hahahahaha. These kinds of events are great. I like pressing skin and accosting people to go through the "exhibition". Someone even paid me to draw him. I gave the Pimps' bassist the drawing above of Freddie Hubbard (since he bought one of mi amiga Michelle's knitted "wristies"; I like to share and help out, what can I say? My momma raised me dern good). All in all, I was happy with the fruit of the eve. Much love!


p.s. Go check out Pimps Of Joytime and if you ever get a chance to see them play & you like dancing ("A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!"), go,cats and kittens go, go, go. =D

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