Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I haven't posted in forever & feel like I can maybe do that semi-regularly, nowadays. I've been pretty busy with art & work & girlfriend. I need to buckle down now & get some art cranked out. The summer fun is generally over (no more time off from work this summer, though, perhaps a few camping trips). This summer, I already went camping in Leelanau, MI for a few days (dunes, Lake Michigan, campfire races [3 days long], cider bar, winery, tom foolery), 4-day Electric Forest music festival near Rothbury, MI, as a a VIP guest of General Hydroponics & Luke Silverman (music, lasers, California friends, music, new friends, body painting, misters, dancing, dancing, bloody marys, new friends from Jackson & New Orleans, yes), 3-day Bliss Fest in the Petosky, MI-area (more music, more forest, Camp Speed Wagon, fun guys, Arrested Development, mucho drinko, much beauty to be had), & a 2 days Beer Festival in Ypsilanti, MI, as a brewery guest/VIP of Dark Horse Brewery (DH alone had 50ish beers on tap, painting a door for Aaron Morse & the DH nation, also did live painting with Unity Vibration Kombucha beer peoples, did some tee-shirts for them, got all painted up, look for future posts).
This first piece is a collaborative effort I did with a contemporary, Erik Steiger, on the banks of the N. Huron in Frog Island Park, on a log, passing the sketchbook back & forth over a time & over a few ciders. After this, I took it home & did all the blue ball-point work on it, to bring the figure out.
This, the second, piece was started at a poetry event, Madhouse Poetry Series, in Ypsilanti at the ugly Mug - After 2 hrs of laying down paint, mostly with fingers, behind awesome poets, I took it home & gave it a few lengthy touch-up sessions. Then it was finished. It is 4' x 4' & my apt doesn't really have all that much space for it, so it is, graciously, on loan to Jake & Liz. Someone at work said they saw it & thought it looked like me: something that just bursts into song & says off the wall shit - but still... they like it. So, I am happy.
This piece is 2 sessions of painting with my collaborator, Kate Reimer. We are not done yet, but we like it and the horn player is pretty sweet.
This is the tarp I painted on for General Hydroponics (on the condition, my buddy, Luke took it home with him to Portland). I titled it "Starring Kurt Russell As Pac-Man In Escape From Electric Forest". It is one of my favorites, currently.
This last picture is an AMAZING art piece from the first year I attended Burning Man. How imaginative ARE PEOPLE!? I love it.