Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We have here 3 photos of a mural I just finished at a friend's home. It is always a joy to work big and it helps my buddy trusted in my vision/process.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last post, I mentioned going to the Michigan Craft Beer Festival. At this festival, I did live painting for the Dark Horse Brewery. i told the owner, Aaron, if he brought something to paint on, he could keep it, so he brought a heavy ole door.

The first day (of the festival) was what I call "my sloppy phase". I just lay down a bunch of paint with a bunch of motion - worry less about colors. I ended up with a greyish-brown mess. This was a good phase for a beer fest.

On the second day, though, was what I call "my control phase". I lay down a bunch of lines again, inspired by the "groove" & "rhythm" of the first phase, but today I am controlled. I am QUITE concerned about colors and their balance in the piece. I paint on top of paint on top of paint, till I find that "JUST RIGHT" feel to a PIECE. Here is the finished piece in question...

I love me some Dark Horse. I am also doing a drawing that hopefully some day will be turned into a shirt or something. Enjoy...

& this is myself in my paint shirt. Not sure if I'll be able to wear it again, it is now SO caked in acrylic paint AKA plastic.