Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Much thanks, love and appreciation to Alligator Mike (& family) and my T-Bois family in Louisiana.  I have been blessed to be the poster designer for this special festival for 3 years.  I originally met Mike, Mark and Damien at Electric Forest, years back.  They camped next to us in the VIP camping (which a good friend from Sonoma Co. days, whom worked for a major sponsor, appropriated for me and our homegirl, Leah).  Soon we were drinking coffee and talking and they mention their festival and I mention being an illustrator and that is how I got in on the T-Bois train.  Serendipity plays a good part in whom I work with.

First year's poster I worked on, with a digital assist from Nate Hatt (
 Second year's Wonderland-inspired fare.  Most of the festival revelers are friends of mine from over the years.  My brother, Russ Swaney, helped with digitally cleaning it up.
Last year's kaiju bluesman.  I love his VW Bug necklace.  Cecelia (on his forearm) is Alligator Mike's daughter's name (whom was born in the year).  All in all, good fun!

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