Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some new ink drawings from one of my books and the secret to happiness (results not guaranteed)...

 Part of me wished I hadn't colored this one, but hey, I don't have ability to suck ink from paper, so I tried to make this couple as fun and balanced as possible.
 A collaborative drawing I made with, my homeboy, Fin.  I recently purchased a large quantity of colored ballpoint pens.  I love the texture they create.
 A coastal face, sun and wind swept, pontificating upon the cycles of lives....
Abstract abstract abstract!!!  Looking at this is working the problemsolving area of yr brain.
 #lovematters #inkislove
And finally, we have quite a looker, here, looking at you!  His face is a bit twisted, but listed as lyrical.  Nothingness, blistered with black ink and empirical.

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