Thursday, January 14, 2010

{ Jazz Affection }

told me about jazz down dark alleys

the angelic fingering
of the cleft muse

a lord in snare
an earl of bass kick
goes the metronome
skipping the clock over for the black of midnight

we, doll, call freedom
and ride gouache lyrical
bird morning passed over Greece
under (even) the sun settling debts

the air pushed through gold silk and soul
the denim of the man in day to day trafficking
of holy tasks all top-heavy or under lit

submariner Chicago goes the thermostat

that sound!
warmer than Sandburg's love of dismal corners
lamplighters and the key note jive jumpers
claiming dance
(exclamation heater) space
jam out of minds past skin and nerves
frost bite on clarinet
to fireball sax

jazz in limbo
going lower (oh, how low)
fatly fingering fat copper wiring
choir in steel
rhyming human soul
where all bear the mark of oppression
and laugh in faces (out of)

where hearts bleed cement
and love supreme resides
deep down, dropped
riffs in my alphabet soup

the shuffle of papers
cat calls go ignored
still bills, debt and owe
toe-tapping the deficit

deification of jungle benefits
swinging from cobwebs

eyes close like smoke
and open like fog over the bay
and the muse, it (the music)
keeps on

weeps on in sleepyheads dreaming awake

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Dude, I finally got a chance to check out your site. Nice work. I like it.

These jazz pieces are great dude. Keep working the sets like this!

We should sit down sometime and do some math!