Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{ Chocolate Flavored JFK }

Knuckles tap tables like dancing child feet
Enormous indigenous in rain hiding fat tears
War machines play cemetery games behind enormous
Explosions wave the shock wave the dancing child feet
Knuckles rain enormous hiding
Cemetery machines tap & tear

Smoke is taffy laughing drafts to up up & anyway
Chocolate flavored Santa is Dallas JFK meet grassy knoll
Head pop… soda… coke… chewed out dead
Hydrating is communing with eternity filtered by smoke
Chewed out chocolate JFK laughs
Up up & anyway flavored eternity is taffy

- - - - - - - - -

The light in yr eyes exist outside of time
The light in yr eyes exists everywhere in space
Built of photons
Built of fairies
The light in yr eyes - a film projector…
Watching the film for so long
One can’t help but identify with the characters
AS the characters
Built of fairies
Built of photons
You are the stars lighting up the night sky

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