Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{ Heart In A Diving Bell } by Big Sway

Our love is deeper than the situational
Beyond the trends of the mortal mind
Beyond moments tied in bows of timelines

We are energy of Velcro variety -
A face constructed of distraught yesterdays
& immutably grand futures -
Two needles in a haystack
Flotsam in a field of debris left by hubris
Of a deed as selfish as loving another, wholly
& with no expectations

You are so angelic
With yr derelict youth, scarred
Drinking under bridges with ratty white beards
Running from yr heart
Stained, sullied & deified with love for a dead-man

You were so vacant when I needed you most
My heart was heavy as a glacier under yr monster indifference
But a wiser artist than I saw
That in opinion/truth, I was something more than the status quo
You were never a slut,
You just listened to others too much…

I want to see nothing but yr beautiful face ascending
Past my station
Past my sadness
To a place of complete self-love
A place past me

You don’t need to work for other’s love -
Yr a dynamo that masses bathe in
You love yrself
& I love yr love
So fully
That my heart breaks apart
Every time I think about my death
& the things I’ve let slide
Left unsaid
By the roadside

I’ve been in love with you since we first met
Going around & around
& around

Pretty soon
(1 to 70 years, hitherto…)
I’ll be dead
Pretty soon
So will you…

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